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Crime Information and Alerts

Crime Statistics

Current Annual Security Report (ASR) – You can read the full text of the current annual security report here:

Emergency Notifications – Eagle Alert

Georgia Southern University uses an emergency message alert notification system, called EAGLE ALERT, to contact members if there is an imminent threat to students, faculty and/or staff on any of our campuses.

EAGLE ALERTs are designed to provide instructions, not to pass along information.

EAGLE ALERT should complement other warning systems and is not intended to be the only method you use for information in the event of an emergency.

The notifications are distributed through the Eagle Alert mass notification system. The Eagle Alert system is designed to send messages to thousands of individuals quickly through voice, text,  email, and other University digital systems. In the event of an emergency you will receive an alert advising you of the situation and recommended protective actions to take. Additional information may be provided following the first message. In addition, the alert message will be available and updated on the Eagle Alert Phone System at 912-681-5588.

Eagle Alerts are sent only when the crime and/or threat is located within the boundaries of the campus .

 Note: While Georgia Southern University’s Eagle Alert system is free of charge, your cell phone provider may charge a fee for delivery of text messages based on your current calling plan. This service is required and will be used only for potential, developing or existing emergencies.

Timely Warnings

Timely Warnings are issued when information regarding a hazardous condition or pattern of crimes is made available to the University, and it is believed that the hazard poses a continued risk to the campus community. Timely warnings are issued through University email and website postings.

The intent of the timely warning is to inform the community of the situation and enable the community to take personal protective actions to prevent continued or recurring incidents from happening. Timely warnings will include information about the hazard or crime and the preventative measures that can be taken.

University Safety Notifications

University Safety Notifications are issued to inform the community of a safety issue off campus or in the community that may affect their wellbeing. These are sent by email to students, faculty and staff. Examples might include a search for suspicious persons, safety tips, or addressing widespread rumors of suspicious activities.

Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act  – You can read the full text through the Federal Register at Clery Act.

Incident Map

The Statesboro Police Department hosts a dashboard, powered by CityProtect, to display a record of incidents happening in our area by location. With this resource, you can see various types of events and where they occurred.

Last updated: 9/25/2023