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Space Management and Use Policy  (Rev. October 2018)

The Facilities Inventory System is a module within Banner that is used to record information about the Georgia Southern University buildings, the space within those buildings, and how that space is being used. The maintenance of this information is important to Georgia Southern and the University System of Georgia as a whole to allow for the effective management of all physical facilities.

The Facilities Inventory Office submits a Facilities Inventory Report (FIR) in the Fall and Spring of each year to the Board of Regents. From these reports it can be determined how efficiently Georgia Southern is utilizing it’s facilities. The information submitted is also used as part of the budgeting process and in determining future needs. Because of this, it is important that the data in Banner be kept up-to-date and accurate.

For more information about University System of Georgia Facilities Inventory Reporting visit

The process used by the Facilities Inventory Office is to do a walk through of every Georgia Southern building at least once every two years. In addition to this, we need the Georgia Southern Community to keep us informed of facilities changes they are planning or that have already taken place. By working together in this way we can keep the Facilities Inventory System as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Effective October 1, 2018, the University Facilities Planning Committee has been established to review requests for changes in the utilization and/or modification of space. All requests for changes must be submitted to the Director of the respective program area and/or respective Vice-President.

Please see the links to the updated policy and form:

Space Management and Use Policy  (Rev. October 2018)

Space Request Form

Please let us know of any changes in space that occur that don’t fall under the new policy as referenced above. Examples are:

  1. Change in the functional use of a room that does not involve renovations; such as storage room to work room.
  2. Change in the maximum number of seats in a room; including classrooms, laboratories, offices, conference room, etc.
  3. Renumbering of rooms.

Facilities Inventory is maintained by the Facilities Planning, Design, & Construction Department.

Please feel free to e-mail Victoria Brannen at or call 912-478-0689 with any questions or feedback.

Last updated: 2/17/2023