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Construction Process

Project Management

The Project Management team is responsible for contract administration, project coordination, project execution site safety, and quality control.

Building Envelopes

The Building Envelope staff oversees campus exterior building envelope.They are responsible for prevention and management of water infiltration into campus buildings, window modifications, repairs, and installations.

Project Process

After a project is requested, using a Facilities Project Request (FPR), a project manager is assigned and is then responsible to ensure the project is facilitated appropriately.

Listed are the steps that goes into the project design process:

  • Need identification
  • FPR
  • FPDC management evaluates project
  • Scope
  • Budget source
  • Schedule
  • Cost estimate
  • Project Manager, Interior Designer, Project Designer, Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineer assigned
  • Funding approved by VPBF
  • In-house, Contract
  • Final Cost
  • Project Executed
  • Project Closeout

Last updated: 1/12/2021