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Structural Services

Structural Services is responsible for repair and general maintenance to support the needs of the University. These services are provided through carpentry, maintenance, signage, and painting.

Superintendent – Terry Hart

Carpentry & Maintenance

The Carpentry and Maintenance Shop provides services such as constructing specialized shelving units, hanging drywall, repairing ceilings and floors, trim and finish carpentry, facilitating roof repairs, daily maintenance of housing complexes, office renovations, exterior wood repair, and tasks related to improving fire and life safety.

Supervisor – Chris Spell

Painting & Signage

The Paint Shop provides services such as custom painting projects and maintaining the interior and exterior appearances of campus facilities.

The Sign Shop provides services on campus such as engraving name tags, desk name plates, room identification signs, exterior building signs, departmental signs, directional signage, and occupant names for office doors.  

Supervisor – Janice Skinner

Last updated: 3/31/2023