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Mechanical Services

The Mechanical and Electrical Services Department of Physical Plant is responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair, and alteration of the University’s building Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems (MEP Systems), Utility Systems, and the maintenance and repair of the University’s Vehicle Fleet. Night and weekend maintenance services are also provided.

Automotive Services

The Auto Shop services and repairs the University’s vehicle fleet. There are currently 270 vehicles in the fleet. This group is capable of everything from oil changes to engine overhauls. They also perform welding service for equipment, metal furniture, etc. Body work and transmission repairs are generally performed by outside vendors.

Control Systems

We have standardized on the Johnson Controls Metasys® Facilities Management System. We currently have 30 buildings connected to the system on a fiber optic ArcNet network. Ten buildings are accessible through dial up modems. Three other buildings have Metasys® control components and will be connected when the campus network is extended to them. Control functions in each facility vary from full control of the HVAC system including individual space temperatures, to control over some components, to monitoring only. Currently the system has just over 7000 points. Metasys® notifies us when systems are operating outside of prescribed parameters. It also records information over time such as equipment status, hot water temperatures, chilled water temperatures, discharge air temperatures, relative humidity, pressures, etc.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services operates, maintains, and repairs building electrical systems. This includes lighting systems, power distribution systems, fire alarm systems, exit and emergency light systems, emergency power systems, electrical kitchen equipment and water heaters. They also perform a considerable amount of installation work. The installations are most often new circuits and lighting related to in-house renovation projects or similar individual requests. They also install circuits in support of new equipment and equipment replacement.

Electrical Services also operates and maintains the campus electrical distribution system, street, walkway, and parking lot lighting, scoreboards, message boards, and sports lighting. Georgia Southern owns and operates its own electrical distribution system. Power is purchased from Georgia Power Company at 12,470 volts three phase and is distributed to the campus via an underground distribution system. The cabling is installed in a concrete encased duct system which extends to all major facilities. There are 60 10′ x 10′ x 8′ underground manholes throughout the duct system. Eighty-eight pad mount transformers at each facility step the voltage down to either 480/277 volts or 208/120 volts. The system is comprised of around 150,000 feet (28 miles) of cable. At peak periods the campus requires 10,000 kilowatts of power.


HVACR Services operates, maintains, and repairs all of the University’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. This group operates the University’s Facilities Management System (FMS). They also perform system modifications and equipment replacement projects.

The campus facilities have a total of 6430 tons of air conditioning. 3936 tons are provided from 20 water cooled chiller systems, 274 tons from 3 air cooled chillers, and 2220 tons via direct expansion equipment. Georgia Southern has been phasing out the use of CFC refrigerants by equipment replacement and equipment conversion since 1988. Currently only one 150 ton CFC chiller remains in operation. All of the other air conditioning equipment uses HCFC or HFC refrigerants. Approximately half of the commercial refrigeration equipment on campus has been converted to HCFC refrigerants or HFC blends. The remaining systems will be converted as major repairs are needed or at replacement.

The University’s natural gas heating equipment maximum capacity for comfort and domestic hot water on the campus totals 94,500,000 Btu per hour. The largest boiler is at Hanner Fieldhouse and has an input of 6,700,000 Btu per hour. Over the past eight years numerous boiler replacement projects have been accomplished. Large, inefficient, forced draft fire tube and cast iron boilers are being replaced with small, efficient copper fin tube boilers. These boilers are relatively inexpensive and very efficient. They have a wide operating temperature range, so output can be matched to building demand on a particular day.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services provides maintenance and repairs for campus plumbing systems, operates and maintains the campus water system, operates and maintains campus lift stations, and services the sewer mains. Repair services for gas and steam kitchen equipment and dishwashers are provided. We also perform installation and modification projects involving water, waste, air, vacuum and gas piping, equipment and fixtures. Three of our Plumbers are Licensed as “Master Plumbers” by the State of Georgia.

Last updated: 5/6/2015