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Common Name: hyssop
Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis
Native Range: southern and eastern Europe

A description of the use of hyssop in The English Physician by Nicholas Culpeper, 1652:

Hyssop is so well known to be an inhabitant in every garden, that it will save me labor in writing a description thereof. The virtues are as follow. The herb is Jupiter’s, and the sign Cancer. It strengthens all parts of the body under Cancer and Jupiter; which what they may be, is found amply described in my astrological judgment of diseases. Dioscorides says, that Hyssop boiled with rue and honey, and drank, helps those that are troubled with coughs, shortness of breath, wheezing and rheumatic distillation up on the lungs; taken also with oxymel, it purges gross humours by stool; and with honey, kills worms in the belly; and with fresh and new figs bruised, helps to loosen the belly, and more forcibly if the root of the Flower-de-luce and cresses be added thereto. It amends and cherishes the native color of the body, spoiled by the yellow jaundice; and being taken with figs and nitre, helps the dropsy and spleen; being boiled with wine, it is good to wash inflammations, and takes away the black and blue spots and marks that come by strokes, bruises, or falls, being applied with warm water. It is an excellent medicine for the quinsy, or swellings in the throat, to wash and gargle it, being boiled in figs; it helps the toothache, being boiled in vinegar and gargled therewith. The hot vapors of the decoction taken by a funnel in at the ears, eases the inflammations and singing noises of them. Being bruised, and salt, honey, and cumin seed put to it, helps those that are stung by serpents. The oil there (the head being anointed) kills lice, and takes away itching of the head. It helps those that have the falling sickness, which way soever it be applied. It helps to expectorate tough phlegm, and is effectual in all cold griefs or diseases of the chest or lungs, being taken either in syrup or licking medicine. The green herb bruised and a little sugar put thereto, does quickly heal any cuts or green wounds, being thereunto applied.

Last updated: 3/10/2020