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Landscape Services

Our mission in Landscape Services is to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the Georgia Southern campus. Tasks in support of this goal include lawn and athletic field turf management, landscape and flower bed cultivation, and tree care and pruning. Other functions performed include street sweeping, litter removal, and management of the solid waste collection and disposal contract. The construction section implements landscape improvements designed by our staff landscape architects.


The Construction department oversees the installation and repair of the University’s ever changing outdoor environment. Projects include street and sidewalk repair, brick paver installation, grading and drainage improvements, and the implementation of campus landscape designs.


 The Arboretum encompasses Georgia Southern’s Armstrong campus which covers 268-acres and displays a wide variety of shrubs and other woody plants.


  • ETS assists departments in setting up and breaking down facilities for special events
  • Provides moving services
  • Provide delivery services for large bulky items or beyond the capability of Central Receiving
  • Delivers and picks up rental equipment commonly needed by departments and assists Property Control in the movement of surplus property

Service Requests (Work Orders) should be submitted at least ten working days prior to the requested service date for most normal events. While service requests with shorter lead times will not be refused, ETS can not guarantee service will be rendered as requested. For large events Service Requests (Work Orders) should be submitted from thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days in advance.

It is imperative that departments provide a detailed description of services and or materials desired. This may include schedules and drawings, points of contact, room numbers as appropriate. This will ensure that our crews arrive with the necessary equipment and scheduled time to complete the service. Incomplete Service Requests will be returned to the departments for more information prior to scheduling.

Items should be pre-packed (as applicable) and should be annotated with the name of the faculty or staff and destination building and room number printed on the top of each carton or item. Packing materials are the responsibility of the department.


The greenhouse crew and the athletic fields crew make up the Horticultural section of the Landscape Department. The greenhouse crew is in charge of three greenhouses and the management of all landscape bed cultivation. Responsibilities include pruning trees and shrubs, transplanting, spraying herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, and growing ornamental plants. This group keeps abreast of the latest technology in plant care and practices of integrated pest management (IPM), which is an environmental friendly approach to pest control.

The athletic fields crew is responsible for turf management including cutting, aerating, top dressing, fertilizing and spraying, as well as painting lines for games at the baseball, softball and intramural venues.

Landscape Maintenance

The Landscape Maintenance section is comprised of the landscape maintenance crews and the small engine repair shop. The landscape maintenance crew is in charge of maintaining the campus grounds, including mowing grass and picking up trash. The small engine repair shops keeps the department’s equipment up and running. They service over 150 different pieces of equipment and perform tasks such as engine tune up and overhaul, steel welding, and responding to emergency field service calls.


Landscape Services has created a number of bioswales on campus. Bioswales are landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollutants from surface water runoff. Features include rocks to slow water and trap pollutants and silt. The bioswales are planted with vegetation that, in combination with rocks, creates a biofilter. Bioswales reduce the amount of silt and pollutants entering our streams and rivers.


The majority of waste generated from landscape maintenance operations is taken to our holding yard where it is ground into mulch and distributed on campus. By recycling waste, we reduce disposal costs and the amount of waste entering landfills.

Last updated: 7/30/2021