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Custodial Services

Our Custodial team members are proud to provide a healthy, clean, safe and welcoming learning environment for our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. Our team provides cleaning services for approximately 137 facilities across campus daily. This is approximately 5,260,304 million square feet of campus Space.

Our team provides cleaning services for all academic buildings, athletic facilities, auxiliary spaces, administrative spaces, support facilities and most events that take place on campus.

Our custodial team provides daily cleaning services to all shared spaces daily. Shared spaces include classrooms, computer labs, student study spaces, conference rooms, receptionist areas, lobbies, and hallways. Private offices are cleaned by work request only. To support you in maintaining the cleanliness of your individual offices, we provide a range of cleaning materials and supplies that are stocked in a designated supply closet in your area.

Floors and upholstered furnishings are cleaned on a schedule according to the floor type and item usage. 

We have team members on site providing cleaning services 24 hours a day every day except for Saturday. On Saturdays our team members leave at 1AM and return at 8AM on Sunday morning. That is the only break in service unless the University is closed. 

Director – Adrianne McCollar

Logistical Services

We offer setups for university events and programs. We can provide tables, chairs, staging, and tents for events and programs being held on campus. Request for rentals must go through the Division of Facilities Services work order system.

Service Request (work orders) should be submitted at least ten working days prior to the requested service date for smaller setups. Smaller setups may include a request for up to 20 tables, and up to 100 chairs, and/or a small stage.

While service requests with shorter lead times will not be refused, we cannot guarantee service or equipment will be available. For larger setup, a service request (work orders) should be submitted thirty days in advance. Large setups may include a request for a tent, medium to the large stage, up to 150 tables, and up to 800 chairs.

For Student Organizations and other Georgia Southern affiliated groups, we ask that a work request is submitted by the sponsoring department or student organization advisor. It is imperative that the requester provides a detailed description of services and or materials desired, as well as dates and times for delivery, set-up, and pick-up. This may include schedules and drawings, points of contact, room numbers as appropriate. This will ensure that our crews arrive with the necessary equipment and a scheduled time to complete the service. Incomplete service requests will be returned to the requester for more information prior to scheduling. Our team is involved in many on-campus events daily, and we are proud to be a valued asset to the university.

Foreman – Scott Pulver

Pest Control

Georgia Southern University contracts out our pesticide application.  Should you need pest control services, please submit a work order.

The application of pesticides is done inside Georgia Southern University buildings on an as needed basis. The application of pesticides around the perimeter of the buildings is done once each month.

List of the pesticides used in campus buildings.

List of the pesticides used on the campus grounds.

Green Cleaning

DFS Custodial Services is doing its part to promote a sustainable future by our commitment to the following efforts:

  1. Purchase green cleaning products and equipment
  2. Safely handle and store cleaning products and address hazardous spills
  3. Follow standard operating procedures
  4. Train custodial personnel on green cleaning

All buildings cleaned by the Division of Custodial Services staff members use green cleaning products and services. Our core cleaning chemicals are green seal approved. We have made a commitment to purchase green cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are less harmful to those applying the cleaner, building occupants, and the environment than comparable products. We have purchased a cleaning dispensing system that aids us in reducing packaging and ensure chemical portion control. We are committed to purchasing state of the art equipment that will decrease the amount of chemicals used to maintain our floors, and decrease strip out times.

Office Cleaning Schedule

Last updated: 9/29/2023