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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

If You Discover a Fire

  • If the alarm is sounding, leave the building immediately. Never stay or assume it’s a false alarm.
  • Follow the exit signs and the building evacuation procedure; and follow directions given by your Resident Assistant, Community Leader, or Building Emergency Safety Team.
  • Stay calm, do not run.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Touch doors and door handles before opening them, if they feel hot do not open them. Never enter a room where there is fire or smoke.
  • If you encounter smoke, crouch down near the floor as you exit the room or building.
  • Be vigilant on the way out, your observations could save a life.
  • Assist those that may be mobility or visually impaired.
  • If you are the last one out of a room, close the door.
  • If you are unable to evacuate the building call 9-1-1 or try to alert responders through a window with an object or article of clothing.
  • Go to the designated assembly area to check-in.
  • Never re-enter the building until a Public Safety Official gives the All Clear.

Operating your Fire Extinguisher

Remember, PASS:

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim at the base
  • Squeeze the trigger
  • Sweep across the flames


  • Test extinguisher before approaching fire
  • Keep low and approach with the wind at your back
  • Back away, watching for rekindle

Last updated: 2/2/2021