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Mobile Apps and Alert Communications

Eagle Alert Mass Notification System

Getting the word out – quickly and efficiently

The goal of the Eagle Alert system is to be able to communicate vital information to the University community as quickly and efficiently as possible. The system is designed to send messages to your designated emergency phone number, email address, and SMS text messages in the event of an emergency or disruption of normal campus operations.

As a reminder, Eagle Alert is designed to complement other warning systems and is not intended to be the only method you use for information in the event of an emergency.

LiveSafe Mobile App

LiveSafe puts a mobile security system in your hands so you are empowered to Do Something When You See Something. Users can send text, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents such as concerning behavior, suspicious activity, safety hazards, and safety threats.

The LiveSafe platform delivers two-way, real-time interactions that include location-tagged text, calls, photos, and videos; mass notifications; relevant safety contact information and maps; and peer-to-peer safety tools.

National Weather Service (NWS) Mobile Apps

Load a NWS Weather App on your phone to stay informed and receive alerts for local weather conditions.

Last updated: 8/9/2021