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Assemblies & Gatherings


Assembly Rules

  • Assemblies on campus allow students to exercise their freedom of speech. University Policy dictates that these assemblies MUST NOT:
  • Result in a breach of peace or violation of law.
  • Negatively impact the security, health, and safety of persons and/or property on campus.
  • Interfere with the free and unimpeded flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on campus or the entry or exit into University buildings.
  • Materially disrupt or interfere with the normal activities of the University.
  • Damage or destroy University property.

If an Assembly or Gathering Becomes Hostile

  • Move away and avoid the area of disturbance.
  • Do not participate with those provoking hostility, and do not attempt to reason with them. Walk away.
  • Call Office of Public Safety or send a tip with the LiveSafe App.
  • If a class or lecture is disrupted, the offending person(s) should be asked to leave. If they refuse to leave, call Office of Public Safety.
  • Stay away from doors or windows if the disturbance is outside.

Last updated: 6/4/2018