Hazard Caution Sign

Hazard Caution Sign

Georgia Southern University (GSU) is committed to providing a safe environment for all employees, students, visitor and contractors, and complying with applicable Federal and State occupational health and safety standards. The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department has developed and updated the caution sign that will bring uniformity to the communication of hazards to emergency responders, students, faculty and staff across campus.

Laboratories, shops and studio spaces where hazardous materials are used or stored are required to post an up-to-date sign at the entrance. The sign is intended to alert emergency responders and visitors of potential hazards and precautions for entry.

EHS will install the sign holder for the caution sign. To create a sign, click here. (Note: To open the document, download and open with Adobe Acrobat DC)

An example of the completed signage can be found below (Figure 1).

Why is this sign needed?

The intent of the sign is to provide information that will facilitate emergency communications during emergency response situations. It will also allow those entering the laboratories (teaching and research), studios and workshops to see at a glance the nature of the laboratory hazards, the required personal protective equipment (PPE), any precautions needed as well as instructions for non-lab personnel.


Where do I get the sign template?

The required sign template (Figure 2) and guidance are available through the EHS website: https://finops.georgiasouthern.edu/ehs/. From the main EHS web page, under the Helpful Resources tab, select the Hazard Caution link or go directly to the hazard caution sign webpage: https://finops.georgiasouthern.edu/ehs/.

Figure 2 provides an example of what the blank form you fill out looks like.


How do I fill out the sign?

To obtain the sign template (a dynamic PDF fillable form (Figure 3)):

  • Go to the hazard caution sign page on the EHS website:


  • Click on the Caution Sign Form link on the page.
  • Save the PDF to your computer.
  • Open the PDF using Adobe Reader to fill out the form (The caution sign is a dynamic form and will not open in the browser, you must download the PDF form, save it to your computer and open with Adobe Acrobat to edit).

If you need assistance downloading or filling out the form, please contact the Occupational Safety Manager.


Figure 3: Directions to fill form




What if the sign does not address all hazards in my lab?

If there is any symbol that you believe should be added to the sign template or pull down options, please contact the Occupational Safety Manager at 912-478-7066.

Depending on the activities or hazards present in your laboratory, studio, or workshop, regulatory requirements or industry standards may require the use of specific wording or safety symbols at the entrance to your laboratory, studio, or workshop. The use of the hazard caution sign does not replace the use of other required warning symbols, signage or instructions. For example, the sign does NOT replace any additional signage for biological materials, lasers, high magnetic fields, radiological materials, or another hazard both outside and inside of the laboratory, studio, or workshop.


Where are the caution signs needed?

These signs are required for all laboratories (teaching and research), studios and workshops.

Locations requiring this signage include, but are not be limited to, areas where chemical, radiological, or biological substances are used or stored and/or where physical hazards are or may be present.

The signs are not intended for:

  • computer labs or other rooms that do not pose specific risks
  • mechanical rooms or other facility support rooms

The sign may be displayed in an acrylic sign holder installed on top of the room number signs. The signs should be printed in colored on an 8.5 x 11 paper. If circumstances change and a hazard no longer exists, any redundant symbol must be removed and signage updated.


Who will see this information?

The information displayed on the hazard caution sign will be seen by everyone with access to your building. You must provide at least one emergency contact number on the sign.

Do not post specifics about a substance or equipment present if doing so presents a security risk. However, you must indicate the “nature” of the hazard presented by the chemicals, pathogens, equipment, etc. that are used/present in the lab.


Last updated: 5/4/2018

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