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DFS Safety Committee

The Division of Facilities Services (DFS) is strongly committed to providing a safe and
healthy work environment for all of its employees and users of campus facilities.
To achieve this goal, DFS created the DFS Safety Committee in January 2016.
The committee serves as an advisory team charged with the health and safety of DFS
staff, students, and visitors. The primary goal of the committee is to create and
sustain employees’ interest and awareness in safety and to help provide a safe and
healthy work environment. In addition to its goals, the committee functions to:

  1. Identify workplace hazards
  2. Analyze and make recommendations to correct workplace related hazards
  3. Assist management in ensuring and improving workplace safety
  4. Establish safety procedures and programs
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of safety procedures and programs

In order to attain its goals and perform its function, the DFS safety committee meets
on a monthly basis to review and discuss reports from its members concerning any safety issues.

DFS Safety Committee Bulletins

Date                                                               Download Link (PDF)  
October 2017 October 2017
November 2017 November 2017
December 2017 December 2017
January 2018 January 2018
February 2018 February 2018

Last updated: 3/14/2018