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BFIE Committee

The Business & Finance Inclusive Excellence Committee (BFIEC) was created in October 2020 and was charged with developing strategies to support the campus-wide Inclusive Excellence Action Plan and further grow the idea of Inclusive Excellence within the Division of Business & Finance.  This committee was selected by division leadership to represent all employees in the division and was given authority to develop a plan that aligns with the campus plan. 

The committee was also charged to coordinate and organize the division’s actions in support of Inclusive Excellence.  The committee chair serves on the Vice President for Business & Finance’s Executive Leadership Team.

The BFIEC can be contacted at:

Meet Our Committee Members

Tiffoni Buckle-McCartney, Chair
Lt. Charles Bowen,
Cpt. Kurt Purtee
DeAnn Lewis
Jessika García
Erin Noel-McFerrin
Christopher Spell
Michael Morgan
Rosalind Calles
Vickie Shaw

Last updated: 10/25/2021